A Champion for Ward 4 and Riverside

Since his election to Council in 2009, Paul has combined his passion for Riverside with his international financial management experience to help provide vital city and district services, foster economic growth, balance the city’s budget and enhance our quality of life.

Perhaps that’s why he is the first elected official from the city of Riverside since retired Mayor Ron Loveridge to be elected President of the League of California Cities, Riverside County Division, representing 28 cities and more than 2 million residents.

Some of his many accomplishments:

Public Safety

  • Added over 60 sworn officers to our police department and brought new equipment to our fire department
  • Helped significantly reduce crime in the Casa Blanca community
  • Championed the ambulance ordinance change to reduce the cost of critical care and improve emergency responses
  • Instituted a policy of regularly reviewing and addressing traffic issues at all local schools
  • Facilitated the new RUSD land purchase to help alleviate dangerous traffic issues at King High

Economic Development

  • Attracted EB-5, an international investment program that has brought over $100 million to the city and thousands of new jobs
  • Increased retail/commercial services to Ward 4, sustainable jobs and city revenue by promoting significant retail growth and attracting domestic and international investment
  • Helped prevent foreclosures by hosting financial workshops with banks
  • Facilitated an important new Metro-Link station at Meridian and the 215
  • Championed the Convention Center renovation
  • Brokered the Mary Street Stater Brothers shopping center renovation
  • Formed Auto Center Business Improvement District including: a new freeway LED message sign, an extended auto center zone for new dealerships and the elimination of barriers to renovation/construction 

Quality of Life

  • Established several new parks and renovated Washington Park on Mary & Victoria at no cost to tax payers
  • Enhanced children’s programming at Orange Terrace Library & Community Center
  • Preserved the tranquility of our neighborhoods by opposing commercial flights from March Air Reserve Base
  • Established and Facilitated Low Cost City Water Sales to Western Municipal Water District, preventing water rate increases for the past 2 years.
  • Saved citizens’ time and money with the removal of nuisance red light cameras
  • Protected open spaces and the Green Belt by upholding Measure C and Proposition R
  • Expanded RTA bus routes to Orangecrest service area, connecting our schools and to the Metro Link Train Station at Meridian.
  • Spearheaded the $9.1-million-dollar renovation of the Casa Blanca community including: new streets, curbs and gutters, a new electric power sub-station and renovations to the public pool, Ismael Villegas Park, children’s day care center and children’s playground
  • Brokered a new Stater Bros Market on Mary Street, Gless Ranch & Mission Ranch Shopping Centers

Enhanced Accountability at City Hall 

  • Initiated & Facilitated Transformational Government Change
  • Promoted accountability by opening the books at City Hall and supporting financial and process audits of all City departments
  • Instituted government ethics, accountability and policy changes
  • Facilitate and implemented the City’s strategic business plan
  • Transformed our city government into a body that is more responsive, transparent, and accountable, and to its citizens
  • Encouraged community involvement and input through regularly scheduled meetings and newsletters

Community Outreach & Cultural Development

  • Held and/or attended over 800 town halls, neighborhood events and community meetings
  • Established Casa Blanca annual concerts in the park
  • Pioneered the Riverside Food Truck Festival and championed the return of food trucks the upcoming Annual Foody Festival
  • Spearheaded the Annual Lunar New Year Festival and the Golden Dragon VIP Gala Fundraiser
  • Facilitated the creation of the Asian Pacific Cultural Association
  • Fought for the continuation of the popular “Halloween House” in the Orangecrest neighborhood
  • Established new International Sister Cities