Accessibility – Integrity – Accountability

Friends, neighbors and fellow citizens of Riverside,

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for visiting my campaign website and for your interest in our wonderful city. As a long time councilman, it’s my job to be the voice of the people.

Well I have been listening and I have heard your voices. Like you, I believe it is time to bring in accountability back to the office of the Mayor. That’s why I hope you will support me in my 2016 campaign for Mayor of Riverside.

I understand that true leadership means putting the needs of the city and its citizens first. And what Riverside needs most right now is a seasoned, objective leader who is dedicated to safeguarding our neighborhoods, promoting economic development and enhancing opportunity for all.

A mayor is more than an ambassador. A mayor should empower people, eliminate bureaucracy, and support the Council's decisions. A mayor should lead with the city’s best interest guiding every decision and inspire people to work together with mutual respect and cooperation.

I believe I will be the mayor we need and I respectfully ask for your vote of confidence to lead our city to great prosperity. As always, I welcome your ideas and concerns and look forward to many more years of fighting for the city and the people I love.


Councilman Paul Davis