Paul Davis 4 City Council 2017!

Accessibility – Integrity – Accountability

Friends, neighbors and fellow residents of Ward 4,

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for visiting my campaign website and for your interest in the political process and our wonderful district. As your councilman and neighbor I am humbled and honored to be your representative, and look to your support for my 2017 re-election.

Through the years and every day, I have been listening and I have heard your voices. Like you, I believe in accountability, integrity, and accessibility. I am concerned for our community safety and quality of life issues. Having good roads and clean, safe parks for our children to play and families to gather. To hear and address these concerns, I have held & attended hundreds of community meetings, providing information, sought community input and direction, while keeping you informed and engaged. During my next term, I will continue to do so, that’s why I am asking for your support in my 2017 campaign for re-election as your voice at city hall.

I understand that true leadership means putting the needs of our neighborhoods, businesses and its residents first. And what Riverside needs most right now is a seasoned, objective leader who is dedicated to safeguarding our neighborhoods, promoting economic development and enhancing opportunity for all.

Being a Councilman is more than an ambassador and leader of our district. A Councilman should empower people, actively listen, eliminate bureaucracy, and get things done. A Council Member also leads the city, having its best interest in mind, which guides my every decision and inspire people to work together with mutual respect and cooperation, while protecting our neighborhoods, jobs, and families.

I am the independent leader we need and I respectfully ask for your vote of confidence to continue to lead our Ward to great prosperity, on June 6, 2017. This is a mail in ballot only, so make sure you vote early. As always, I welcome your ideas and concerns and look forward to many more years of fighting for our ward and the city.


paul davis signature

Councilman Paul Davis

Councilman Paul Davis – The RIGHT Choice For Your Representative

Mail in Ballot – June 6, 2017